How to transport a piano to keep the outer casing, percussion mechanism is a difficult question for owners. The bulky instrument is sensitive to vibrations, heavy weight makes it difficult to descend, delivery. It is difficult to move it up and down stairs, you need to use inventory to load it. The easy way is to order a trucking service. The carrier's cars are suitable for gentle delivery, and the movers are experienced.


  • Bottom cover - protects part of the deck, pedals. There is a latch on the body, which you need to open and remove the cover.
  • Percussion - its preparation is the most important step in packing the piano. It is not recommended to dismantle it, if necessary, you will need a screwdriver to unscrew the fastening bolts.
  • The top cover - is fixed by means of built-in latches.
  • Keys, strings - it is necessary to cover the elements with thick paper, isolating them from the protective cover. It is recommended to additionally lay foam rubber, soft cloth.
Before carrying the piano, secure all opening covers with tape, elastic tape. Insulate the instrument as much as possible with a soft cloth, cardboard, bubble wrap to preserve the integrity of the case, the outer covering. The resulting case can be additionally wrapped with scotch tape, ropes.
Handy packing materials:
  • blankets;
  • plaids;
  • small pillows;
  • rugs.
To make loading the piano into the car easier, remove all removable parts. This will reduce the weight, size of the object, and will not require many movers. It is easier to put the piano on the cart.

Procedure for transporting pianos

Moving a musical instrument without the help of specialists is a difficult, risky task. Piano transportation service eliminates the need to look for a suitable car, to plan how to get it through the openings, to lower it without damaging the body.
  • Study the instruction manual for the instrument, find out the weight with non-removable parts - you need the information to plan the number of movers. One person is needed for every 45 kg of weight.
  • Analyze the condition of the steps, stairwells of the entranceway - old structures can collapse, get damaged.
  • Measure the doorways of the apartment and entryway.
  • The next step is to rent, buy a special cart on which it is convenient to lift the piano, move it to the truck. The cart should be brought as close as possible to the piano, tilt it, direct it to the pallet. When the instrument is on the surface, smoothly move the piano onto the cart, avoiding jerking. The goal is to fill the entire surface of the loading transport to minimize the risk of the instrument slipping, falling, or deflecting sideways.